Hard Drive Maintenance

Hard Drive Maintenance can speed up your computer if done regularly, including scandisk, defrag, deleting temp. files, antivirus removal, malware removal, etc. This can also determine if your hard drive is damaged or beginning to fail. Once a hard drive has become too damaged it will eventually fail and you can lose some or all of your data. So it’s important to keep up regular Hard Drive Maintenance and full backups. Also, beware of the Blue Screen of Death! If you have seen this blue screen, get maintenance done immediately and a full back up!

Services and Fees

I offer virus removal, file backups, hard drive maintenance, data recovery, hardware and software repairs, small business website development, etc. Send your hard drive or laptop to me for complete repairs. Shipping costs are subtracted from the final bill!

The Complete Repair Service is $150. This includes virus removal, file backup, hard drive maintenance, data recovery, and hardware and software repairs.

The Small Business Website Development Service is $200. This includes up to 15 pages designed to customer specifications and the installation of any necessary applications for blogs, bulletin boards, chat messages, etc.!

Contact me, for more information, shipping address, etc. The service prices here do not include any new hardware that may be necessary to complete the repairs.


George A. Hart Computer Repair


  1. Virus Removal
  2. File Back Up
  3. Hard Drive Maintenance
  4. Data Recovery
  5. Hardware and Software Repairs
  6. Small Business Website Development